About Us

1Local Seafood” serves all things seafood.

Combining our team’s professional skills and knowledge, enthusiasm for success and endless positive morale, with the addition of an outstanding skilled team, expertise, endless innovation and tradition of Chef Jon’s, will converge into a powerful and success asset for the conquest of Miami’s food connoisseurs.

We strive on providing the best experience and we cater to all. The freshness of our products is the key to our success. We offer a variety of both local and international delectable fresh seafood dishes, fine food prepared to your precise standards and superb service. We are shaping the way people experience life. We have the courage to create experiences that go beyond our guests’ expectations.

Dining at “Local Seafood” is an experience to be savored. Each dish has its own style, atmosphere and flavor. Yet they all share one quality: a comfortable dining experience at an excellent value, unlike any other. We look forward to serving you soon.

Contact us for more information at demo-123-1234